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Coach J’s Online Training | Defy Gravity Training Center

Coach J’s Online Training

Ask Coach “J” – Personal Training


Defy Gravity | Ask Couch J

What you get?

If you would like your own online personal trainer, Coach J will create a plan for exercise, nutrition, or both, and help you work through the program(s).  As your online fitness coach, I will personally help you every step of the way. Send me a video of you doing your skill and I’ll break it down and give corrections to you through email or an audio/video commentary through Skype!

  • Plans customized to you
  • Personalized email to see programs & track results
  • Personalized workout calendar
  • Exercise/training program
  • Comprehensive nutritional strategy
  • Meal plans
  • Workout tracking
  • Nutrition tracking
  • Weekly phone call/video call (as needed)
  • Weekly review and adjustment of programs
  • Video technique review
  • Email support
  • And much more!

Program Starts at $99.00 per month. 


Our Programs

We offer a diverse set of online fitness workout/personal training services. This includes weight loss, nutrition plans, cardio, cross-training, strength training, aerobic training, running, and calisthenics. We offer online personal trainer-guided exercise and nutrition training programs. The program is not just geared to tumbling athletes but also anyone looking to get in shape.

  • Strength Training
  • Basic Nutrition
  • Advanced Nutrition
  • Cardio Programs
  • Cross Training Programs
  • Workout Templates
  • Nutrition Templates

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About Coach J

Having trouble with your tumbling but don’t have time or money for weekly private lessons? Try online coaching with Coach J! Send me a video of you doing your skill and I’ll break it down and give corrections to you through email or an audio/video commentary through Skype! Sign up with the link below to get started!

Whether you’re struggling with cartwheels/round-offs or double fulls, I’ll show you what it really takes to tumble at a world-class level.

Experience weeks worth of tumbling training in just a few hours a day!

Customized based on your needs (Beginner through Advanced Elite). Complete progression structure so you continue to improve. Available Worldwide! Special discount available call to get more information.

Defy Gravity Training Equipment | Jump & Flexibility


DG Trainer

Increase your vertical jump and flexibility. Up your performance!

Features adjustable belt with side padding, durable bands with resistance up to 80 lbs., ankle straps and improved comfort with moisture-resistant neoprene. Develops explosive leg power and strengthens key leg muscles to give you a better verticle jump and improved flexibility. Includes a carry bag.

ONLY $70.00 to pre-order —->>> PRE-ORDER NOW!

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