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Fear is not BAD | By Coach “J” | Defy Gravity Training Center

Fear is not BAD | By Coach “J”

Fear is not BAD | By Coach “J”
February 16, 2017 DefyGravity
Defy Gravity Training Center

It is PERFECTLY NORMAL AND HEALTHY to feel a MOMENT of fear when you spring backwards onto your hands!

Think about it. You’re going BACKWARDS so you can’t see where you’re going. So you’re JUMPING BLINDLY! As if that’s not enough, you’re goal is to LAND on your hands (not your head!) Literally, you’re diving very quickly INTO THE FLOOR!!! Yikes!! Ok. Now, for the REAL clincher, to perform the skill safely, you’ll need to KEEP MOVING QUICKLY so you land on your feet again.

Then, you must perform ALL that elegantly, beautifully & in such a way so as to allow you to KEEP moving into additional tumbling skills like another back-handspring, or back-tuck. Anyway you look at it, the back-handspring requires VERY careful preparation and LOTS of practice. Now, to compound all that… if you make a mistake, it’s quite possible to severely injure yourself.

So all you tumblers out there that are feeling FEAR, congratulate yourself. It means your brain is alert and your instincts are working correctly. HOWEVER, your fear should not STOP you from tumbling. It should GUIDE you to SEEK more knowledge and experience. Let the fear INSPIRE you to BE WISE and use COMMON SENSE. Fear should ALERT you to OBSERVE the risks you are incurring and to discern effective ways to PROTECT YOURSELF.

With enough knowledge about HOW TO DO a safe, strong and beautiful back-handspring you should easily FACE your fear with COURAGE. If you are armed with sufficient UNDERSTANDING about proper habits of motion, positions, timing, coordination and abundant muscular STRENGTH, you’ll move PAST your fears into confidence.

Coach J

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