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Bodyweight & Tumbling | By Coach “J” | Defy Gravity Training Center

Bodyweight & Tumbling | By Coach “J”

Bodyweight & Tumbling | By Coach “J”
February 16, 2017 DefyGravity
Defy Gravity Training Center

Actual body weight has very little to do with a student’s ability to tumble. Most likely the “chubby” students coaches mention have some seriously important muscles underneath their skin. As long as they have enough muscle in the right places to move their own body around they’ll tumble well. Insufficient strength IN THE AREAS THAT MATTER is the most common cause of failure in tumbling. The following are factors that largely govern tumbling success:

1) Relevant strength or how much force a tumbler can generate in the ways that matter to tumbling. Carrying lots of irrelevant muscles (or fat) is definitely not an advantage in tumbling. Not having enough of the relevant strength is worse.

2) Horse-POWER or the ability to push that body over a given distance at a given speed. Getting the body up to speed is critical for successful tumbling. Horsepower combines having the relevant raw strength and being able to use it to move the body.

3) Grace or efficient motion. For safety, beauty and consistency, tumblers must learn to use the muscles that are needed, precisely when they are needed, and only in the amount that’s needed for the task. Coordination & timing can be considered aspects of grace.

For all three factors, skill-specific strength development is the most effective means to achieve the desired outcome. Tumblers, thin or thick, heavy or light, short or tall, must be unusually strong in key areas in order to consistently perform well.

Have fun, be safe, work hard, EXCEL…
Coach J

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